Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Social Development Department

Mission Statement

Our objective is to assist individuals and families with core essentials and shelter costs based on their needs, while being compliant with the Program Policies. We also assist and provide educational, training and employment opportunities to reduce client caseloads and encourage independency.

Social Development Programs

Work Corp Program

Opening ceremony - Nov 21, 2018
For more information on program Contact:

Melissa Potts
Work Corp Coordinatior
Currently: 13 enrolled

Assisted Living Program

Tania Letendre
Assisted Living Coordinator
We will be providing a information sheet briefly summarizing what we offer. Plus just to note that we only deal with NON MEDICAL.

Currently: 7 Elders, 4 Homecare

Food Bank

First 3 weeks of month and you have to sign up
SDP Receptionist

Cyber School

Lloyd Verault

Social Development

Doris Cardinal - Director
Office: 780-967-3933