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Daca Adocaxa?

(Department Information)


Under the authority of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Chief and Council, the department’s mandate is to promote and maintain the Stoney Language and History of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and to develop Alexis as a bilingual community.


The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Elders are the Knowledge Keepers of the language and history and provide direction, guidance and support to the staff and program.

The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Stoney Language Program was initially formed in the year 1996 by the authority of the Alexis Chief and Council to teach the language at the school. To meet community needs, the program expanded and is now operating as the Alexis Heritage & Language Department. The department is governed and managed in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation.

Ish?awimin Wahùcakisa

(Elders Advisory)

  • Tau?i?abi yusbecakebina, makoce nesh awiyabicin.

    Teach and protect the language.

  • Dukin nimi wizhanabi yusbecakebicin.

    Provide spiritual and cultural guidance.

  • Dukin yusbecakebi wagicarabicin.

    Provide insight and support on language revitalization strategies.

  • usbecakebi ca i?abne , ima?ish , gicuzabi gihnaamne, dukin oxem nesh.

    Provide education on language laws and protocols.

Isga I?abi Ihnobicin

Language Revitalization





Owabi Garabi

Our Language program focuses on increasing fluency and literacy (writing system) in the community. We develop resources for professionals and learners. We engage our community through various methods of language revitalization efforts. We are being called to translate more documents for the band and work with programs to incorporate the language in their office spaces. We also have an Alexis Heritage & Language Facebook Page and provide members with word of the day and department updates. Due to COVID19, we began delivering Community Stoney Language Classes online.

Tanida Owabi Basnibda

History & Archives

Wanigash Ohnabi Yusbebi

Owabi Wazike

Wanigash Ohnabi
Bare Nami



Owabi Garabi

History & Archives focuses on researching, documenting, archiving and promoting our history. We help develop resources for language learners. Our main research projects are to repatriate cultural items that were taken from our people, organizing our collection of historical documents and updating our new data base system. We are being called to do more projects with departments and work with them on a project to project basis.

Duca Canucin Nikubi

(Staff - Who Does What?)

Cazhe (Name) Duca Canucin (Role) Profile
Language Category (1st Language/2nd Language) I?abi?
Language Proficiency
Ish?awinmin (Elders) Wahùcakisa (Advisors) Bilingual (Isga/English) I?abi nohe ca (Fluent) 2002
Eugene Alexis
  • Isga I?abi Basnibde
  • Director of Language
Bilingual (Isga/English) I?abi nohe ca (Fluent) 2002
Alexandra Alexis
  • Wanigash Daca Igitaubi Igihnabi Basnibde
  • Interim Director of History & Archives
Bilingual (English/Isga) I?abi yusbenasdi ca (Learning) 2018
Brenda Arlene Potts
  • Isga ?a?abi Owabi Yusbecakebi / Garesa / Yusbebicin
  • Stoney Language Instructor / Literacy Training Leader / Stoney Curriculum Resource Developer & Translator
Bilingual (Isga/English) I?abi nohe ca (Fluent) 2002
Stephanie Alexis
  • Shune Basnid’e / Owabi Wizhakabi Ones' / Owabi Xdezhe Shune lyobi
  • Financial Officer / Researcher / Alexis Treaty Curriculum
Bilingual (English/Isga) I?abi nohe ca (Fluent) 2019

Ish Nish!

Contact Info

Alexis Heritage & Language
Eugene Alexis, Director of Language
Alexandra Alexis, Interim Director of Heritage & Archives
Office: 587-314-0123

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday - 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Closed during statutory holidays

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