Alexis Constitution

Odaagina Nimi Project Manager: Chasidy Alexis, BA Law, MA Soc-Law, Socio-legal & Policy Analyst
office: 780-967-2225

Meeting Schedule: Dorian Alexis, Chief of Staff
cell: 780-937-9426

Please be advised that our meeting schedule will be subject to changes. Updates will be provided to the elders and posted online at Furthermore, due to COVID19, the following gathering restrictions are in effect: Attending these meetings will require temperature to be taken, masks must be worn at all times, hand sanitizers to be used, and everyone to maintain a 2-meter distance at all times. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, (coughing, sneezing, etc.), we will advise you to stay home and self-isolate.

Ishnish and we look forward to working on our laws for the benefit of our Nation.

Chief Tony Alexis

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